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        Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries in China 2017  
      High-level Taoist remains found in the Great Shangqinggong Temple in Longhu Mountain, Jiangxi Province 2018-05-04
      Significant achievements from archaeological surveys and excavations of Mausoleums from Eastern Han Dynasty in Luoyang, Henan 2018-04-24
      The Ruins of Ancient Capital City of the Zheng and Han States in Xinzheng , Henan Province 2018-04-18
      New Discoveries of Yueyang Ancient City from Warring State period to Qin-Han Dynasties in Xi’an, Shaan’xi Province 2018-04-13
      Western Zhou Remains found in Yaoheyuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 2018-04-12
      Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries in 2017 Announced 2018-04-12
      Middle Paleolithic remains found in Tongtiandong Cave Site in Xinjiang 2018-04-11
      New Discoveries of the Ancient Baoma city in Antu, Jilin Province 2018-04-11
      Large-scale Cemetery of the Yangshao culture found in Yangguanzhai site, Shaan’xi 2018-04-11
      Jiaojia Archaeological Site of Zhangqiu District, Jinan Province 2018-04-11
      Underwater excavation verifies ancient treasure comes from Zhang Xianzhong's sunken boats 2018-04-11
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