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        Archaeology Forum 2016  
      The largest Bronze Age settlement and coal-usage remains in Ili region found in JirentaiGoukou Site Xinjiang 2017-01-20
      High-rank tombs from Cao-Wei Period found in Xizhucun Cemetery, Henan 2017-01-20
      The Breakthrough of Pre-historical Niupodong Cave Site in Guizhou Province 2017-01-20
      The Largest Walled Ruin, Sacrificial Remain and Delicate Jade Objects Found in Neolithic Shijiahe Site, Hubei Province 2017-01-20
      Mingtepa ancient walled site in Uzbekistan 2017-01-19
      Early Bronze artifact and bone tool workshops found at Shimao site, Shaanxi Province 2017-01-19
      Stone-mound Tomb and Sacrifice Remains Found at Banlashan Cemetery of Hongshan Cultural, Liaoning Province 2017-01-16
      Top Six New Archaeological Discoveries in China 2016 Announced in “New Archaeological Discoveries in China” Archaeology Forum in Beijing 2017-01-10
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