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      Study on the etched carnelian beads unearthed in China 2018-05-18
      A discussion on the identity of the stone human figures unearthed at the Jinsha Site 2018-05-18
      The relationship between the Shang and the ethnic groups on the Northern Frontiers as reflected in the northern-style bronzes unearthed in Yinxu Site 2018-04-10
      On the greenish-blue glazed pottery jug unearthed from the Eastern Han tombs at Liaowei in Hepu County, Guangxi 2018-04-03
      The ceremonial mound of Longshan Culture at Yuhui Village in Bengbu City Anhui 2018-02-16
      The Buddhist sculpture hoard at Bei Wuzhuang in the Ye City Site, Hebei Province 2017-07-17
      The ancient bridges over the Jue River near the Han Chang’an City 2017-03-24
      On the custom of burying dogs in prehistoric burials 2016-10-17
      On the archaeology of traditional industry 2016-08-17
      The Yejiashan Cemetery of the Western Zhou Dynasty in Suizhou City,Hubei 2016-02-28
      Differentiation of two types of cultural remains of the Eastern Zhou Period in North China: on the relationships among the Rong, Di and the Hu 2015-11-11
      Also on the typology of bow-shaped objects and relevant issues 2015-11-04
      Reexamination of the pre-Qin muji (grave sacrifice) institution 2015-10-22
      A preliminary study on the fu and yue institution in ancient China 2015-09-29
      Inariyama Kofun and the Sakitama Kofun Group in Japan as seen from China 2015-05-25
      On the two traditions of the bronze mirror casting techniques in East Asia 2015-05-19
      The feathered being and its symbolic meaning in Han Dynasty art 2015-05-11
      Studies on the inscriptions on the three bronzes of Diaosheng 2015-05-04
      On the round burial pit of the Yin Period at Hougang, Anyang 2015-04-27
      Prehistoric cultural contact between the Philippines and South China 2015-04-13
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