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        Excavation Report  
      A Western Zhou tomb at Shigushan in Baoji, Shaanxi 2018-02-08
      The excavation at Liujiazhuang Locus North at Yinxu Site in Anyang City, Henan in 2010–2011 2018-01-18
      The excavation of the pottery workshop site at Liujiazhuang Locus North of Yinxu Anyang City,Henan 2017-12-20
      The excavation of the Shigudun Site in Tongling County,Anhui 2017-12-11
      The Excavation of the tomb of Bai Lord of the Zhongli State 2017-10-22
      The excavation of the Qihe Cave prehistoric remains in Zhangping City,Fujian 2017-09-22
      The excavation of the Hailong Tun site in Zunyi City, Guizhou in 2012 2017-07-17
      The tomb of the Spring-and-Autumn Period at Jiwang Gu in Yishui County, Shandong 2017-07-17
      The Shimao Site in Shenmu County, Shaanxi 2017-06-22
      Neolithic Shunshanji Site in Sihong County Jiangsu 2017-04-14
      Excavation of the cultural remains in front of the Bezeklik Thousand-Buddha Caves 2016-08-23
      The Buddhist sculpture hoard at Bei Wuzhuang in Ye City Site at Linzhang County Hebei 2016-07-28
      Architectural foundation No.5 of the Northern Wei Palace found at Han-wei Luoyang City Henan 2016-07-28
      The mural tomb of the Northern Wei Dynasty at Yunboli in Datong City Shanxi 2016-07-13
      The excavation of the Xiongjiazhong Graveyard in Jingzhou Hubei in 2008 2016-06-30
      The excavation of the bronze casting remains in Zhuangli locus West at Zhouyuan Site 2016-06-22
      Excavation of Liu Shen's tomb of the Western Han Dynasty on Heitou Hill in Xuzhou Jiangsu 2016-06-15
      Neolithic Yejiamiao City Site in Xiaogan Hubei 2016-05-12
      Excavation of the Neolithic city site at Zhangxiwan in Huangpi District Wuhan 2016-05-12
      The Hualong Cave upper Paleolithic site in Dongzhi County Anhui 2016-04-12
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