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        Archaeology of Frontier areas and Sino-Foreign cultural exchange  
      The archaeological exploration on the early settlements of no- madic cultures in Tibet 2018-04-19
      The Aduun Chuluu Site and Cemetery of early Bronze Age in Wenquan (Arixang) County, Xinjiang 2017-07-17
      Adunqiaolu:New Evidence for the Andronovo in Xinjiang,China 2017-06-23
      On the Kele Culture 2016-10-26
      The Chang mo Grottoes in Dinggye County Tibet 2016-03-30
      A study of Xianbei tombs 2016-01-22
      A Study of ancient Tibetan gold and silver ware 2016-01-22
      A study of Xiongnu tombs 2016-01-21
      The Tuyoq Buddhist Grottoes in Shanshan County, Xinjiang 2015-07-07
      Tibetan Royal Tombs at Phyongs-rgyas, Investigations and Studies 2015-04-22
      A Study of Byzantine Coins Discovered in China and Related Problems 2014-11-21
      Institution of Establishing the Main Pavilion Taijidian in the Imperial Palace of Ancient China 2013-06-24
      Why Did the Eastern Half City (Left Capital) of Tang Chang’an City and Japanese Heijokyo and Heiankyo Capitals Become More Prosperous? 2013-05-16
      The Subeixi Site and Cemeteries in Shanshan County, Xinjiang 2013-04-24
      The Neolithic Site of Xinguang,Yongping County,Yunnan province 2013-04-15
      On the Origin of Bronze Belt Plaques of Ancient Nomads in Northern China 2013-04-01
      On the important position of Luoyang in the History of ancient Sino-Japanese relations 2012-02-16
      Human Remains from Xinglongwa Site, Aohanqi, Inner-Mongolia 2005-10-27
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