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      Research on the white pottery, stamped hard pottery, and pro- to-porcelains unearthed at Erlitou 2018-03-29
      Reexamination of the domestic chicken in ancient China 2018-03-16
      Response to Comments on "Outburst flood at 1920 BCE supports historicity of China's Great Flood and the Xia dynasty" 2017-04-07
      Bronze casting techniques of the Erlitou Culture period 2017-01-12
      The restoration of the chariots of the Warring States Period in Majiayuan Gansu 2016-10-20
      Revealing a 5000-year-old beer recipe in China 2016-05-30
      The consumption, utilization and supply of sheep and goats at the late Shang Dynasty capital: a zooarchaeological study on the sheep and goat remains unearthed in the Yinxu area 2016-02-23
      On the subsistence practices of the Shi’erqiao Culture: focused on zooarchaeology 2016-01-21
      Concerning string cutting, tuo (emery wheel) cutting and tuo carving – and discussion of the date the tuo began to be used 2016-01-20
      Earliest tea as evidence for one branch of the Silk Road across the Tibetan Plateau 2016-01-13
      Human diets of Yangshao Culture in the Central Plains 2015-06-01
      Development of clay mold-making technology for bronze cast-ing from Erligang Culture to Yinxu Culture 2015-04-20
      Report on the 2001 Flotation Results from the Site of Jiahu 2014-12-15
      East Spread of Wheat into China –New Data and New Issues 2014-08-25
      The Origins and Development of Animal Domestication in China 2014-08-11
      Raising Practices of Neolithic Livestock Evidenced by Stable Isotope Analysis in the Wei River Valley, North China 2014-07-28
      Analyses of 13C and 15N and the New Perspectives on Ancient Diet 2014-06-09
      A study of human skulls from the cemetery at Ahatla Hill in Xunhua, Qinghai 2014-03-26
      The Problem of the Origin of Domestic Animals in Neolithic China 2014-03-10
      Mid-Holocene Climate Change in North China and the Effect on Cultural Development 2014-01-17
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