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      New school promotes archaeology study
      From:ejilin.gov.cn  Writer:  Date:2018-06-22
      The School of Archaeology of Jilin University was launched on June 20 in Changchun, capital of Jilin province. The new faculty is intended to promote archeological study in China.

      The school combines the original departments related to archeology and intends to improve archeological teaching levels and cultivate talents in this field.

      The School of Archaeology of Jilin University, intending to promote China's archeological study, is launched on June 20 in Changchun. [Photo provided to ejilin.gov.cn]

      Jilin University has invited domestic and foreign experts and scholars to give lectures in China and other countries on the science and technology used in archeological research, the study of ancient languages, cultural heritages and museology studies.

      According to Jilin University's President Li Yuanyuan archeology study at Jilin University plays an important role in Chinese archeological discovery.

      He expressed his eagerness to see the new school become one of the top archeological research institutes in the world.

      At the launching ceremony, Jilin University also signed cooperation agreements with the Palace Museum and National Museum.

      Li Ji, vice chairman of the Chinese Society of Archeology, said the college is an important institute to cultivate archeology talents and stressed that he hoped universities like Jilin University will improve teaching levels and foster more and more talents for research in China.

      A symposium was held after the launch at which more than 100 experts and scholars discussed the parameters of the archeology major, talent cultivation and the protection of cultural heritages.

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