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      2,000 year old mummified ‘sleeping beauty’ dressed in silk emerges from Siberian reservoir 2018-06-24
      New clues of ancient Roman life emerge in Pompeii as Italian experts take multi-disciplinary approach 2018-06-22
      Archaeologists in Cambridgeshire find graves of two men with legs chopped off 2018-06-19
      Earliest European evidence of lead pollution uncovered in the Balkans 2018-06-15
      Ancient agricultural activity caused lasting environmental changes 2018-06-15
      Stash of Sun King's valuables found close to Arctic in Siberia 2018-06-15
      China's Old Summer Palace stones under reinforcement 2018-06-15
      1,300-year-old Latin, Greek and Christian inscriptions found on a windowsill at Tintagel Castle suggest 'the site of King Arthur's conception' had a multicultural community 2018-06-15
      Imperial Roman Residence Discovered Near The Milvian Bridge On The Banks Of Tiber 2018-06-13
      Polish archaeologists discover over 2000 years old lost city in Albania 2018-06-13
        Co-operation projects More>>    
      New species of extinct ape found at ancient Chinese burial site 2018-06-22
      Ming cultural relics on display in Moscow 2018-04-28
      Major International Archaeology Projects Commence in Orkney 2018-04-20
      China-Saudi Arabia joint archaeological excavation to start soon 2018-03-27
      Chinese silk exhibition makes shiny debut in Israel 2018-03-16
      Palace Museum teams up with ancient county in cultural business 2018-03-09
      Chinese bronze relics on exhibition in Chicago 2018-03-06
      Ancient Chinese art appeals to contemporary U.S. audience 2018-03-02
      Dunhuang cave art replicas on display in Italy 2018-02-27
      Precious best placed into the safest hands 2018-02-06
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