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      Excavation Report:Xiaoqinglong

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      Miles upon Miles:World Heritage along the Silk Road

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      Building foundation from Warring States Period found in Ou’erping Site, Shanxi Province
      Ou’erping site is located in Xizhou Village, Heyu town, Yushe County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. In 2017, archaeological excavation of the site was conducted by a joint archaeological team organized by Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology. Ou’erping site ha...
      New discoveries MORE
      Building foundation from Warring States Period found in Ou’erping Site, Sha...
      Ming Dynasty city found in Jiangxi Province
      Mammoth tooth fossil discovered in Jilin
      Excavation of Shangjing city site from Jin dynasty revealed the layout of th...
      3,000-year-old village ruins discovered in China
      212 Neolithic tombs discovered in Hubei
      Ancient marble bracelets unearthed in Central China
      Academic activities MORE
      Marble fragments of sculpture from Yuanmingyuan returned to original site
      Crossroads of cultures
      Route has a history wrapped in pure silk
      1,100-year-old stone tablets have checkups in Xi'an
      New school promotes archaeology study
      New exhibition analyzes Silk Road's influence on the West
      Hospital for conservation in Palace Museum opens to public
      Academic activities & conferences MORE
      Swedes have been brewing beer since the Iron Age, new evidence confirms
      New discovery in Egypt's Edfu reveals Roman Era settlement, pre-dynastic cul...
      Egypt's newly re-appointed antiquities minister intent on completing all nat...
      Montana burial site answers questions about early humans
      Inscribed seventh-century window ledge unearthed at Tintagel
      Co-operation projects MORE
      New species of extinct ape found at ancient Chinese burial site
      Museum heads gather in Nanjing
      Ming cultural relics on display in Moscow
      Major International Archaeology Projects Commence in Orkney
      China-Saudi Arabia joint archaeological excavation to start soon
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      Preliminary Observation and Cognition at Gansang
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